This procedure involves placing sperm directly into the womb.  The male partner produces a semen sample which is processed in the semen laboratory.  Sperm are washed and the best quality sperm are selected.  These are placed in a fine plastic tube which is inserted through the cervix and into the womb.  The sperm are then injected through this tube so that they are as close to the eggs as possible.  This procedure is performed around the time of ovulation to increase the chance of pregnancy occurring.  Sometimes the female partner may be given low dose ovarian stimulation to increase the chances of conception.

IUI tends to be used when sub fertility is either unexplained or where there is only mild sperm dysfunction (a slightly low count or slightly reduced motility).  It is also helpful for men who experience impotence.  Provided that the man’s sperm and the woman’s tubes are healthy, the success rate for IUI is around 10% per cycle of treatment.

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