Egg or Sperm Donation

If a patient can not produce healthy eggs or sperm themselves, they may be able to receive eggs or sperm from a donor to help them get pregnant.  Fertility treatment with donor eggs is normally carried out using ICSI.  Anyone who registers to donate their eggs or sperm after 1 April 2005 can no longer remain anonymous and has to provide information about their identity.  This is because a child who is born as a result of eggs or sperm being donated is legally entitled to find out the identity of the donor upon reaching the age of 18 (HFEA Code of Practice 8th Edition, section 11: 11.30 & 11.31). This has led to a decrease in the number of both egg and sperm donors in the UK. However anonymity for both egg and sperm donors is preserved when the treatments are carried out in Europe.

Cheshire Fertility and Gynaecology has well established links with a number of clinics in Cyprus and Spain achieving pregnancy rates in excess of 70% per cycle. It is therefore possible to have treatment abroad that is coordinated from the clinic in Nantwich. This gives patients access to a large pool of young donors so that physical characteristics and blood groups can be matched. Waiting times are short and treatments can be booked at your convenience. Most couples need to spend a maximum of one week abroad and do not need to visit the clinic abroad beforehand.

The clinic ensures that all egg and sperm donors have no significant medical history that would be detrimental to the health of the recipient or child and that they are fully screened and counselled prior to being accepted as a donor.

For further information, please contact the clinic on 07894 826120.

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